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Kabir Poetry In Urdu Pdf Download

Kabir Poetry in Urdu PDF Download

Kabir was a prominent saint-poet of the Nirguna tradition of medieval Bhakti-literature. He was born in Banaras, India, around 1440 and died in 1518. He is known for his rebellious views on caste, religion, and untouchability. He composed his poems in various languages, such as Hindi, Braj, Avadhi, and Urdu. His poetry is rich in metaphors, symbols, and imagery, and expresses his mystical experiences and spiritual insights.

If you are interested in reading Kabir's poetry in Urdu, you can find some online sources that offer free PDF downloads of his works. Here are some of them:


  • : This website provides a collection of 32 e-books of Kabir's poetry in Urdu, along with his profile and a ghazal. You can read them online or download them as PDF files.

  • : This website also offers a comprehensive list of Kabir's writings in Urdu, including his ghazal, e-books, and other works. You can access them online or download them as PDF files.

  • : This website is dedicated to the treasure of Sufi and Sant poetry. It has 20 books on Kabir's life and poetry in Urdu, which you can read online or download as PDF files.

We hope you enjoy reading Kabir's poetry in Urdu and appreciate his wisdom and vision. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let us know.


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