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Poliigon Mega Pack 2019

Poliigon Mega Pack 2019: A Review

Poliigon is a website that offers high-quality textures, models, and brushes for 3D artists and designers. They have a huge library of over 10,000 assets that can be used for various projects, such as architectural visualization, environment design, sci-fi scenes, and more. In this article, we will review one of their products, the Poliigon Mega Pack 2019, which contains 615 different textures with all the necessary maps for realistic rendering.


What is the Poliigon Mega Pack 2019?

The Poliigon Mega Pack 2019 is a collection of textures that covers a wide range of categories, such as bricks, concrete, fabric, metal, wood, tiles, and more. Each texture comes with six maps: albedo, glossiness, reflection, ambient occlusion, displacement, and normal. These maps can be used to create realistic materials in any 3D software or render engine. The textures are available in various resolutions, from 1K to 6K, depending on the level of detail needed.

What are the benefits of using the Poliigon Mega Pack 2019?

There are many benefits of using the Poliigon Mega Pack 2019 for your 3D projects. Here are some of them:

  • You can save time and effort by using ready-made textures instead of creating them from scratch or searching for them online.

  • You can achieve a high level of realism and quality by using textures that are made by professional designers and have realistic patterns and details.

  • You can customize and tweak the textures to suit your needs by using the maps provided or by mixing them with other textures.

  • You can use the textures for any kind of project, whether it is personal or commercial, as long as you follow the [license terms].

How to use the Poliigon Mega Pack 2019?

To use the Poliigon Mega Pack 2019, you need to download it from their website. You can either buy it as a single product or get access to it as part of their subscription plans. The download size is about 50 GB, so make sure you have enough space and a fast internet connection. After downloading, you will get a zip file that contains folders for each category of textures. Inside each folder, you will find subfolders for each texture with its corresponding maps. You can then import the textures into your 3D software and apply them to your models using your preferred render engine.

Examples of using the Poliigon Mega Pack 2019

To give you an idea of how the Poliigon Mega Pack 2019 can be used for different projects, here are some examples from their website and other sources:

ProjectTexture(s) usedSource

A modern kitchen sceneConcrete tiles, marble countertops, wood flooring[Poliigon]

A sci-fi planet landscapeRocks, dirt, sand[CG Persia]

A medieval castle interiorBricks, stone walls, wood beams[Poliigon]

A cozy living room sceneFabric sofa, carpet, wood paneling[Poliigon]

A futuristic city streetAsphalt road, metal grates, neon signs[CG Persia]


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