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Aerohive Status Color Codes

A topology map is an automatically generated visual representation of network connectivity. Topology maps, encompassing integrated wired and wireless networks, provide network administrators with in-depth graphical views of device groupings, device links, VLANs, and Spanning Tree status. Color codes are used to indicate device status and SNMP/SNMPv3 or information traps are easily generated.

Aerohive Status Color Codes

NetSight provides advanced alarm management significantly reducing problem response time. Any event can be configured to create an alarm along with a color-coded severity scheme. Alarms may be configured based on statistical thresholds. Alarm actions such as emails or other notifications are completely configurable. Alarms are highly visible including at-a-glance alarm status integrated with existing displays and visual indicators in device status. Alarm information may be archived, exported, filtered or searched. Alarm clearing can be manual or automatic.


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