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[S2E6] Donar The Great REPACK

Here, we also see the willingness of Odin to sacrifice his own son in order to get what he wants. The idea of sacrifice is central to religion, and it plays a very important role in American Gods. Wednesday says in the episode that sacrifice is what fuels the existence of the gods, old and new, they need to be offered and worshipped and without that, they cease to exist. The greater the sacrifice, the greater the power. In an interesting way, here we see a reverse parallel with the sacrifice of Jesus. God sacrificed Jesus, his son, (at least according to Christianity) to save all of humanity. Here, Odin sacrifices his son only to save himself.

[S2E6] Donar the Great

American Gods has experienced a fair amount of turnover behind the scenes. While the details surrounding the removals, exits, and delays of the series are mostly hearsay, a few notable disputes have led to the speculation that the series is in a great deal of trouble.

This episode was pretty hilarious. It was great seeing past characters and seeing them all bond together. I really enjoyed the bonding that Nick and Schmidt had throughout the episode and even though at this point, it could get annoying with Winston pining over Aly, I was happy when he got the text that she was single. There were some moments that were a little slow for me, but overall, it was a great episode. 041b061a72


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