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Learning American English by Grant Taylor

Learning American English is a book written by Grant Taylor, a professor of English at the University of California, Berkeley. The book was first published in 1956 and has been revised several times since then. The book aims to teach the grammar, vocabulary, and idioms of American English to speakers of other languages. The book covers topics such as verb tenses, articles, prepositions, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, clauses, sentences, punctuation, spelling, and word formation. The book also includes exercises and tests to help learners practice and check their progress.


The book is available in various formats, such as hardcover, paperback, and PDF. The PDF version can be downloaded for free from the Internet Archive. The PDF file contains 215 pages and is scanned from the original edition. The PDF file also has a table of contents and an index for easy navigation. The PDF file can be viewed on any device that supports PDF readers, such as computers, tablets, and smartphones.

The book has been widely used by students and teachers of English as a second or foreign language. It has been praised for its clear explanations, examples, and exercises. It has also been recommended by many experts in the field of English language teaching. For example, a review by DOKUMEN.TIPS states that the book is "a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn or teach American English". The review also provides a summary of the book's contents and some sample pages from the PDF file.

If you are interested in learning American English or improving your skills in this language, you may want to check out Learning American English by Grant Taylor. You can find more information about the book on Open Library, where you can also see other editions and related books. You can also download the PDF file from the Internet Archive and start learning American English today.


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