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The next day, Nevins, equipped with a compass, a map, and a shovel, begins his search through the park. During his search, he realizes that the paths he takes are comparable to those of the game. After a long walk, he reaches the coordinates' exact location and begins digging until he finds the head of a girl with blonde hair in an advanced state of decomposition. After Nevins informs the authorities about the terrifying discovery, the girl is identified as Karel Paulsen, an 11-year-old girl who was reported missing by the San Diego Police Department a year and a half previously. After Michael's discovery, an investigation is carried out to find the identity of the programmer of the video game. However, the rest of Karen's body and the identity of the author of Pale Luna are never found. It is known that some collectors have offered great fortunes for the few copies of the video game.[77]

The ass collector avi


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