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[S5E14] Heartbreak Cory

"The whole episode is devastating because Hotch is the team leader and has to face losing his wife, with the knowledge that her killer is still out there, and the fact that their young son heard his mom getting murdered. It's heartbreaking."

[S5E14] Heartbreak Cory

"We already knew that Nell died, but to watch as her whole story unfolds from childhood, and then realizing that she was haunted by herself since she was a child just added another layer of tragedy. The episode is really well done, but just heartbreaking to watch."

"Carl's selfless final acts, his heartfelt speeches to Judith, Michonne, and Rick, hearing the shot, and watching Rick and Michonne fall apart as they lose their son. I can never hold it together through this episode. Carl's death was heartbreaking and so unnecessary."

"This episode has so many moments. Peyton gets shot, Brooke's trapped outside, Peyton and Lucas hid in the library, everyone we love is trapped in the tutor center, and then Jimmy dies. This episode is nonstop heartbreaking. Then, at the very end, Dan kills Keith, his own brother. It's a massive and sad episode."

"Buffy finding her mom was heartbreaking, but the scene where she told Dawn broke my soul. It was such a beautifully sad and heartbreaking episode. There was no music in the episode, just pure emotion."

"One Day at a Time has had a lot of heartbreaking moments, but 'Not Yet' is one of the saddest overall episodes. Watching everyone talk to Lydia while she's unconscious in the hospital was so sad. I was truly not ready to weep this hard watching a comedy series."

"The whole episode is heartbreaking because Fred is one of the most innocent and lovely characters, and didn't deserve to die. When Wesley is holding her and she says, 'I'm not scared. I'm not scared. I'm not scared. Please, Wesley. Why can't I stay?' Ugh, I ugly sob every time." 041b061a72


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