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The Mirror Never Lies (also known by the Indonesian name Laut Bercermin, meaning The Ocean Reflects) is a 2011 Indonesian film directed by Kamila Andini and co-produced by Andini's father, Garin Nugroho, and former Puteri Indonesia Nadine Chandrawinata. Starring Gita Novalista, Atiqah Hasiholan, and Reza Rahadian, it follows a young Bajau girl named Pakis who has lost her father at sea and uses mirrors to unsuccessfully search for him. It has several interpretations, including as a coming-of-age story and as an environmentalist piece.

Download Film The Mirror Never Lies Full Movie

Sam Leonard is the new kid at Bridgeport High School, joining for the senior year. On his first day, he is humiliated by the school jock Kyle Plunkett, becomes friends with Annie Dray and falls in love with Kyle's girlfriend Vicki Sanders. When he goes to the guidance counselor, the counselor gives him the advice to lie to get the other kids to like him. Sam tells lies like "I drive a Porsche", "My dad's a rock star", "My dog ate my homework", "I never miss a shot" (at basketball) and that Vicki Sanders and his English teacher Mrs. Moran are pursuing him. That night, after an argument with his parents, he accidentally breaks the mirror behind his door. The next morning, Sam finds his dog actually eating his homework, he has a Porsche, he never misses a shot, and Mrs. Moran and Vicki Sanders are after him. Now he must find a way to fix what he's created.

SKURVY:Arrh! Feast your eyesLook into the mirror, arrh, it never lies!You're a pirate! Can't you see that this is no disguise?You live to loot and pillage, maim and terrorize!

Numerous movies utilize this concept in their plots and themes. You can likely think of plenty of films where a character believes one reality and then becomes exposed to another, greater reality and is never the same.

The second film we alluded to featuring the Sama of Indonesia is the movie, The Mirror Never Lies, A World Wide Fund for Nature sponsored film. The film is said to use the Bajau language extensively. We are quite interested to examine how close the Bajau language in Indonesia is to the Sinama spoken in the Philippines and Malaysia. The movie tells the story of Pakis a Bajau girl who lost her father at sea. Her mother Tayung must work to provide for her daughter. Pakis has not lost hope that she might find her dad and seeks help from a Bajau Shaman whose incantation enables her to look for her father using a mirror. The film is a touching story about a girl coping with the loss of her dad. The Mirror Never Lies is another film that we would love to add to our collection. For those of you living outside of Indonesia you may have to content yourself with watching the preview. Find out more by visiting The Mirror Never Lies official English website.


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