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Nursing is the largest healthcare profession with almost 4 million nationwide. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other factors there will be a shortage of over 200,000 nurses and 1.6 million new job openings (1). Nursing is not only bedside and many nurses would like to explore other options to expand their careers. Options such as utilization review, case management, HEDIS abstraction, telephonic triage, care coordination, nursing education, and various other telehealth positions are available.


We are here to bridge the gap between direct and indirect care. We provide specialized resume services to get you where you want to be whether it is in another specialization or work from home (remote) opportunity. Education & training modules in utilization review and case management are also provided to boost your skill in acing interviews.

Are you a new grad nurse seeking to put your best foot forward? Changing your specialty within the hospital setting or seeking to work remotely in utilization review or case management? We are here to help you attain your nursing career goals.




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